Monday, March 27, 2006

How to Save Gas at Home

  • Light your stove only when you are ready to cook and ingredients are within reach
  • Pressure cooking saves fuel and cookirg time
  • Avoid using too much water when cooking as it wastes fuel and it takes a longer time to evaporate.
  • Reduce flame when boiling starts to save fuel.
  • Cover cooking pots and pans with a lid to prevent beat from evaporating.
  • use a small burner as it consumes 6% to 10% less gas than the big burner.
  • Clean the burner or wick if you see an orange, yellow or non‑uniform flame.
  • Source : Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (Fomca)

How to conserve Fuel On the Road

  • Practise car‑pooling and use public transport.
  • Plan your trips and avoid stop-and‑go traffic.
  • Have good braking habits as stopand‑go driving wastes fuel.
  • Use clutch only when changing gears to prevent loss of energy and clutch lining damage
  • Maintain a steady cruising speed
  • Do not overfill your petrol tanks as fuel will be wasted through evaporation and spillage.
  • Check and service your car regularly.
  • Clean air filter regularly to avoid rapid wear of engine components and higher fuel consumption.
  • Use correct gears as incorrect shifting can lead to as much as 20% increase in fuel use.
  • Check your tyres ‑ under‑inflated tyres increase rolling resistance and fuel use.