Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Use Garbage Enzyme to Save Our Earth

Ozone has been recognised as effective bleaching agent and a powerful disinfectant, killing bacteria and funguses more rapidly than chlorine. Ozone helps clean the air and give higher oxygen level in the environment

The solution: use Enzyme
Save the earth with the waste product from our kitchen

House Hold, Non-toxic & pollution free kitchen, Remove the foul odour, mold and grime

Garbage Enzyme

This morning, a friend told me of a garbage enzyme workshop workshop which contributes to a better earth friendly environment.

I was my first time hearing of such thing. With the changes in the climate and the many waste thrown into garbage, I was listening attentively to her, when I found out that we can contribute to the climate change through a simple DIY formula using kitchen waste (fruits' skin and unwanted vegetables).

This not only helps in protecting our ozone layer and lower global temperature, but actually provides a natural and environment friendly way to use the enzyme liquid as a household cleaner, air purifier, laundry and floor detergent, shampoo (yes, shampoo!!), body care, car care and or course as an organic fertiliser.

It removes odor, molds and grime, it's antibacterial and anti-viral.

It's all natural, and in fact, it doesn't even smell and actually acts as an insecticide as well!

The dilution ratio for usage is approximately 1:1000 to use enzyme as insecticide, 1:100 for pesticide, diluting it 200X to be used as air-refreshener and 500x as hormones for plants to get more fruits or flowers.

1 Tbp of enzymes for 1 litre of detergent water/dish washing liquid/shampoo (or 1tsp for 500cc) will help reduce the side effects in chemicals and enhance the nutrients.

The ratio of making this would be mixing 3 parts of the unwanted fruits and vegetables to 1 part of brown sugar (not sure whether this is gula melaka or that special brown sugar for making desserts) with 10 parts of water.

Keep these in an airtight container and leave it unopened for 3 months. After that, you can pour them into individual containers for your daily household usage and personal care.

I hope to be able to go and listen more to this enzyme talk in English on Saturday, 9th August, 1-4pm at Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil. I understand there's also a whole day awareness program on climate changes starting from 10am, right up to 8pm.

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Deepambika said...

Wow sounds interesting..thanks;Once three ratios of kitchen waste is added, should they be stirred everyday still 3 months or left undisturbed..pls clarify.Thanks